Co-branded credit cards

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Accepted Countries

When looking for a good credit card, debit card or even a cobranded card, a major concern is that where will it be accepted? Your concern in this regard is perfectly natural and logical, after all what is the point of getting such a credit card made that cannot be accepted in the right places. We understand that the needs of every customer are different from one another and therefore, we build a unique and exclusive card program to accommodate our valued customer.

Our credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and even cobranded cards are accepted at millions of different locations and industries all around the world. Powered by both Visa and MasterCard, they have international acceptability as well as the multiple layers of protection that ensures that each and every transaction of yours is free from fraud or any kind of theft.

Online Transactions

Online transactions from anywhere around the world can be done with the utmost efficiency with our credit and debit card programs. Therefore, whether you want to buy shoes, bags or clothes, all you need to do is sit in front of the computer and let us handle all your financial transactions.


While dining in at some place with your friends, you do not need to worry about being low on cash with the visa-powered credit card that gives you unlimited options of purchasing and gifting away. Even if you do not have any company in hand, you can still take your wife or girlfriend out if you have our credit card in your hands.


Planning to watch a movie? Trying to buy tickets of your favorite game? Or simply going out with your friends to hang out? No matter what the occasion, our debit and credit cards can come in handy to take care of your payments.

Retailers & Merchandisers

For businesspersons, retailers and merchandisers need to be satisfied with the payment of all the goods and services exchanged. For this reason, our business class credit cards are accepted at thousands of retail stores and merchandisers that you plan to do business with.


Payment of airfares and hotel expenses has never been this easy and convenient with numerous discount offers that can make your vacations even more exciting.

International Transactions

For those who have to send and receive money from abroad, our MasterCard and Visa powered debit and credit cards can be of great help.

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