Co-branded credit cards

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Card Programs

All of our card programs are based on collaborations and partnerships among financial institutions and card issuers like Visa/ MasterCard so that our programs are given the benefits of innovation and security that you deserve. In addition to this, we strive to specialize in providing quality co-branded card programs and white card programs that are supported by instantaneous payment solutions and integrated software platforms.

Prepaid Cards

For many reasons, prepaid cards especially prepaid debit card programs are gaining worldwide popularity as it not only created an additional source of revenue but also become a powerful marketing tool that can help you create brand awareness and form new professional relationships. In this selection, we can help you get a contract with Plastic providers as well as with MasterCard/Visa and the issuing bank. We also believe in follow-up services for risk management, cost control and security of operation.

White Label Debit and Credit Card Programs

Clients looking for development of a standard or the generic debit card or credit card programs will find all possible solutions with us. These standard card programs are especially useful for small to medium independent banks who wish to have fully functional debit cards for ATMs and branded credit cards associated with lower transaction costs. Our credit card programs include the embossed card options as well which gives you a chance to place your company's logo on the credit card. Keeping in mind the personal needs of customers, our white label debit and credit card programs have been customized for personal use as well. With flexible terms and a secured payment procedure, personal debit and credit card can be ideal for online shopping, payment of bills as well for transfer of money.

Traveling Card Programs

For customers who need to travel a lot both nationally and internationally, our traveling card programs have a lot to offer. With special traveling points and discount on hotel fare, our traveling card solutions can make your traveling experience much more pleasurable. For international transactions, we offer a pre decided exchange rate so that you do not have to pay for more than what you have used. In addition to this, a secure payment card is given to you with an electronic chip that allows you to make transactions directly from your ATM while you are away from home. The MasterCard and Visa mark on all your traveling cards is an assurance that multiple layers of protection cover every transaction so that you can get peace of mind.

Popular Cards Programs

Co-branded card program

Co-branded cards are those cards found after a partnership between a credit card provider and a particular firm. These cards are in vogue due to the plethora of duties they perform. ....

Credit Card Programs

Programs Credit cards still remain a large industry in the world simply because of the diversity that Credit card programs have to offer to users belonging to various economic and professional backgrounds...

Debit Card Programs

Debit card programs all over the world have a couple of benefits. It is their main prerogative to ensure the client's money is safe, but such programs also offer a number of other, equally precious services...

Prepaid Card Programs

Though not as large as the credit card industry, prepaid card programs are starting to gain popularity as a convenient way to get hold of funds, make transactions and purchases just about anywhere....


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