Co-branded credit cards

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As an emerging financial company, we offer a variety of card programs and schemes for individual, businesses as well as merchandisers and retailers. The terms of our entire card programs are flexible and can be adjusted to fit your needs; so whether you are looking for cards that can market your business or those that can win you privileges and rewards, we have the perfect solutions for you.

Credit Cards

Credit card programs consist of traditional cards for new credit users as well as the gold and platinum cards for more experienced ones who need to carry out many transactions on every day bases. Our credit cards give you the unlimited buying power of things that you love and want to have. With no transaction fees and a very low monthly/ yearly administration fees, other credit cards provide you with the best of deals. Therefore, even if you want to start over after a bad credit history, you can count on us for providing you with easy terms and relatively flexible conditions.

Debit Cards

The debit cards allow you to spend as much as is there in your bank account. If you are worried that you may not be able to control your expenditures if you get a credit card, you can always choose the option of our debit card scheme. From zero markup plans to the bonus plans, our debit card scheme is ideal especially for home users and the house wives who love to shop online. With every transaction, you can also win reward point that can be redeemed for discounted shopping, dine in or even air fares.

Prepaid Cards

The prepaid card programs are focused for local use only; these cards give you the opportunity of paying your grocery bills, utility bills and other small expenses without carrying any type of cash. Our prepaid card services will ensure that you never need to carry your checkbook with you when you go out. There are a number of different programs that you can choose from depending on what you are looking for.

Cobranded Cards

Not only do our cobranded cards give you the opportunity of getting it customized according to your own company's logo and design, but we also allow you to make transactions and payments at the lowest rates and best transaction deals. Our cobranded cards give you the opportunity of making your payrolls and monthly payments in a timely and efficient manner.

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