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Clients Benefits

For being a loyal customer, we thank you with a handful of attractive rewards and privileges that can send you to leisure trips for free or refill your wallet with money so that you get the freedom to buy whatever you feel like at minimum possible cost. Our main aim is to make sure that our credit card and debit card schemes offer such facilities that are best suited for your requirements whether you want to use our card for personal use or for business transactions. Our client benefits for business owners not only enhance your business marketing plans but also allow you to get cobranded cards with very low transaction costs.

Cash Back Program

With every transaction you make on your credit card or even debit card, you earn some cash for making the transactions. So the more purchases you make, the greater online transfers you do, the higher your reward is for being our valued customer. Our cash back scheme offers a percentage of cash to be returned to you; the exact percentage varies according to the program you have selected. On average, one percent of cash is returned to the customers having a gold credit card package. Apart from this, be sure to have a secure transfer of funds; in case a transaction is unauthorized by you; we take full responsibility for it and return your cash for it.

Air Mileage & Reward Program

For the business developers and entrepreneurs, our travel credit cards offer air mileage rewards i.e. every time you use our credit card for making national and international transactions, reward points are awarded to you, which you can redeem to win a trip to your favorite holiday spot or a discount to the hotel you are staying in. Therefore, everyone is a winner with our credit card plans.

Discount Programs

If you like shopping, our credit card programs can improve your shopping experience by offering you a discount on hundreds of Merchandisers and retailers all around the world. For online shopping, you can also have a look at our exciting deals that allow you to buy appliances or get your car repaired at relatively discounted prices.

We value your money and therefore try our best to ensure client benefits to every consumer who is doing business with us. Therefore, what are you waiting for, get details of our credit card and debit card programs and become a part of our ever-growing family.

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