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  • "The prepaid cards which we received from WirePrepay were outstanding! Integration with your turnkey programs was quick and easy and our clients and employees simply loved them!" E. Egbert, Penthouse Tours
  • "WirePrepay prepaid card program helped us to cut down on our expenses and helped us to increase the productivity and efficiency of our company." K. Garner, Wireless Cardiologists
  • "We are using our co-branded cards as a tool for marketing because they have our company name and logo on them and have quickly noticed the beneficial effects of WirePrepay local bank transfer service. Thank you, WirePrepay!" Sanjuanita Conley, Pod Advisor
  • "After a long search for a quality prepaid co-branded card company that offers high spending limits and global coverage, we have finally found it! You have been mostly helpful during the negotiations period." Grace Passmore, Card Marketers
  • We highly enjoy using the prepaid cards and appreciate the quality customer service and support we always receive from WirePrepay team. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.." Gina O'Connell, Area Cities Corporation
  • "In comparison to other companies we have used in the past, we have finally found the perfect company that offers lower conversion rates and fees along with an interface that is easy to use." China Multi-Level Marketing Company.
  • "After looking into hundreds of co-branded prepaid card companies, we are so happy that we chose WirePrepay! We have experienced the utmost of care throughout the process and look forward to future transactions." L.Pagnotto, Phone Volume Ltd.
  • "The excellent capabilities of the white label turnkey programs and superb customer service have been greatly appreciated. We have already increased our sales by more than 8% since using the co-branded cards provided by your team. WirePrepay gave us exactly what we asked for." Lukas Wechsler, Aviation Tales
  • "Choosing to use WirePrepay co-branded cards was a great decision for your company! The increase in sales we have since seen is incredible! A++" Leonardo Pinto Rocha, Soy Business
  • "I can see why you are one of the leading names in the co-branded card industry thanks to the ease of use of your MLM multi-level payments, white label programs and turnkey programs!" Zachary Clapp, CTR Framers
  • "We have had your co-branded cards for some time now and are happy to say that our micro-finance company is more than thrilled with the products and services you provide. We are also delighted that our cardholders can fund the cards through any local bank worldwide which gives our cards more value." M, Earp, Amateur Developers
  • "The people from your company have all been extremely helpful throughout the setup process and have continued to surprise me with the excellent support we have received since ordering your prepaid co-branded cards." Jiao Jen, Conditioning Trainer
  • "After switching to your turnkey platform a couple of years ago we have continued to see an increase in profits and new clients as time goes on. WirePrepay is highly recommended." J. Kauppi, Guam Banks
  • "Your company offers flexible solutions that are both customizable and reliable. We have used your services for quite a while and still and options to our prepaid co-branded cards according to the needs of our clients!" D. Bordeaux, Lot Specialists
  • "These cards meet our criteria and we are very thankful to you! We were able to seamlessly add these cards to our services with easily. Our company also utilizes WirePrepay bank transfer services and our cardholders easily put money on the cards through almost any bank locally and while on travel. We have nothing but excellent things to say about our experience." Wojciecha Grabowska, Job Integrity

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