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Cobranded Card

A cobranded card is a card that is sponsored by a financial institution and a retail merchant. A cobranded card displays the logo of the business along with the logos of MasterCard or Visa since these two are the universally accepted brands. The trend of cobranded credit cards has caught on pretty fast and banks view cobranded cards as a means of distinguishing their product from a plethora of the regular options that are available to the customers these days.

Cobranded credit cards are highly recommended due to their universal acceptability and the convenience that they provide to the card holders in terms of managing their financial matters. You have the freedom to access the funds anytime and almost anywhere. Cobranded cards are equally beneficial to the card holders and the financial institutions as they connect the customer and the business. Cobranded cards are preferred because they cost less to be issued and they offer numerous incentives and reward programs while ordinary cards usually do not offer the same.

Apart from providing convenience to the customers, cobranded cards are a great way for the businesses to promote their services by familiarizing the people to the logo and conditioning them to accept the brand. Cobranded cards display a large logo of the business that makes the card a marketing tool along with being a transaction tool for the card holders. Cobranded cards give an edge to the institution over other similar businesses.

Cobranded cards are not just an effective mode of carrying out transaction but they also provide the card holders with discounts at the partner retail stores along with numerous lucrative offers including free air miles and hotel stays. Through these offers, the institutions aim to attract more customers to their products. The cardholders can also collect points on each transaction and then claim a reward in exchange for those points. These incentives keep the consumers interested in what the brand has to offer.

We provide cobranded card services to our customers enabling them to avail the discounts and other lucrative offers. We have the complete package for you. Apart from providing the cobranded cards, we try our best to help our customers in deciding which cobranded card program is suitable for them by assessing the setup of the institution. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries or further information regarding our services. We highly value your input and feedback.

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