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Cobranded Card Programs

Today innovation in the financial and business industry means making and maintaining strong relationships and most importantly, helping people able to depend on the cards that they use for shopping, leisure and travel purposes. An efficiently conceived and executed cobranded card program can do a lot for all of the parties concerned; the credit card network provider like MasterCard or Visa, your business and most importantly, the user of the card. Cobranded card programs have the ability of attracting and maintaining the loyalty of new groups of customers and lower the acquisition costs for your company meaning you can enjoy greater profits and customer base.

What are Cobranded Card Programs?

In essence, a cobranded card program is a partnership or more precisely collaboration between an issuing bank, your company/business and a provider like MasterCard or Visa. This means that the card that a user will have will contain your company's name as the dominant brand and it will also have the logo for MasterCard/Visa. In some cases, your issuing bank may choose to represent itself on the card as well. This type of collaboration leads to higher marketing opportunities for all concerned parties, more spending and usage from customers and an overall greater value for the masses in general.

Features of Cobranded Card Programs

One of the advantages of cobranded card programs because of which customers tend to prefer this form of transaction is the fact that there are no or minimal customer service fees. They can also be no maintenance fees or transaction fees for the card usage. Many card providers also offer the additional advantage of providing free replacement cards in case the cardholder's original is lost, stolen or has been expired. Additional charges might be applicable to direct main programs, imprinting services and date delayed activation options for a particular minimum number of cards. Such cobranded card programs are attractive for those who love shopping because of rebates and incentive programs offered by the various service providers of the card.

All of this is arranged for the business or company simply for a setup initial fee that is the only investment required for a cobranded card program. With complete customization of the card by the client (business/company) with their logo on the card being the dominant logo, this is a great opportunity for the client to market their brand name. Our cobranded card programs are complete with software and online payment processing programs and an easy to use online banking system. So get in touch with us today in order to find out more about what your customized cobranded card program can do for your business.

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