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Gift Card

A gift card is truly an innovation in the old-fashioned way of purchasing presents for your near and dear as well as for your friends and acquaintances. Gift cards are the surest way of making sure that those whom you care about, get the present that they wanted the most. Most importantly, you can avoid the frustration and effort of choosing what to get for your niece or nephew for their birthday and then bearing their disappointment when they find out that you were not able to choose something they really wanted.

Types of Gift Cards

Due to the freedom that such cards offer, they have been divided into categories to make it easier for merchants and retailers to maintain their help their customers.

Cash Cards or Prepaid Gift Cards are normally considered the best because they offer diversity and convenience for the user. This is because a pre-determined amount of money is loaded into the card on purchase and can be spent just about anywhere as the card is supported by a credit card network like Visa or Master Card. Essentially these cards offer the advantages of cash without the hassle of handling the cash. They can be used one-time and are not reloadable but the fact that they are supported by a credit-card network means that the user can make their desired purchase just about anywhere they want just as long as that merchant supports the network.

The second category of gift cards are Store and/or Restaurant cards which are basically sold by big retailers and restaurant chains. One non-monetary advantage of this type of a gift card is the fact that you can be more personal with your gift. If you know where the person (for whom you are getting the card for) like to shop, you can purchase their gift card and let them do the shopping of their interest in that shop. Many of these gift cards are specific to a brand or a chain of stores so they are reloadable and you use these cards along with your debit/credit cards to make certain payments. Similarly, many restaurants sell these gift cards as well so that the receiver of your card can enjoy the restaurant's food at any of their chains.

Recognizing the role that a gift card can play, we offer the opportunity to our customers to express their emotions to their friends and family through these customized and yet flexible gift cards. In addition to this, our gift card programs will help you to understand the terms and conditions, expiry dates as well as the locations where your gift card will be applicable.

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